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Phalaenopsis Culture Articles from Taiwanese University

07 Jun 2012 10:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Professor Chiachung Chen, Ph.D from the Biosystems Engineering Laboratory at National ChungHsing University in Taiwan has an informative site about Phalaenopsis culture here.

Topics include:
  • Watering and fertilizing of Phalaenopsis in sphagnum moss
  • Design of a Phalaenopsis greenhouse in the United States
  • Environmental control for Phalaenopsis culture
  • Recovery of Phalaenopsis plants of the ocean containers after long-term transportation
  • Spiking inhibition technique of Phalaenopsis
  • Advanced Technology of Subtropic Greenhouse for Phalaenopsis
  • Spiking and Flowering of the Phalaenopsis, Part I. Spiking technique
  • Spiking and Flowering of the Phalaenopsis, Part II. Flowering technique
  • Bark or Sphagnum moss, which one is better?  Part I. Introduction of the Orchids substrate
  • Bark or Sphagnum moss, which one is better?  Part II. Physical properties of the Substrates
  • Bark or Sphagnum moss, which one is better?  Part Ⅲ. Mixing of the substrates
  • Related Publications of Phalaenopsis Culture
  • The Cooperation of the Taiwan orchids nursery and Overseas Company
  • Culture Characteristics for Phalaenopsis

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