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Each year, MOS presents several trophies at its annual show. Some of the trophies are paid for by endowments (e.g. the Cynthia Guy Memorial Trophy), but most of them are purchased by MOS without any offsetting income. You can help MOS defray this expense by sponsoring a trophy either annually or for a longer period (e.g. 10 years). Annual sponsorship amounts are listed below, and all money paid to sponsor a trophy is tax deductible (please contact us for a charitable donations receipt or if any questions).  To sponsor a trophy, pledge here if you want to pay cash/check in person or here to pay by credit card.  Thank you!

The following trophies will be presented at the 2019 show:

  • Wilford B. Neptune Trophy for Best Culture - $100  sponsored by Karen and Mike Badia
  • Cynthia Guy Memorial Trophy for Best Plant or Bloom  - $100  sponsored by Sasha and Steve Crotty
  • Halbersleben Memorial Trophy for the Best Cattleya - $65  sponsored by Anne Pfaff
  • Irving Versoy Trophy for the Best Vandaceous - $65
  • Esther Sweet Memorial Trophy for the Best Phalaenopsis - $65  sponsored by Cindy Drozynski and Joe Baldassini
  • Louis Guida Memorial Trophy for Best Sunset / Artshade Phalaenopsis - $65
  • Paul B. Moore Memorial Trophy for Best Paphiopedilum - $100 sponsored by Roberta and Jeff Feldman
  • MOS Trophy for the Best Miltonia/Miltoniopsis - $65
  • John E. Miller Trophy for the Best Odontoglossum - $65
  • John E. Stacy Memorial Trophy for the Best Oncidium - $65
  • MOS Trophy for the Best Cymbidium - $65
  • MOS Trophy for the Best Pleurothallid - $65
  • Harry Kubick Memorial Trophy for the Best Dendrobium - $65  sponsored by Meg Bright-Ryan
  • Richard Peterson Memorial Trophy for the Best Species - $65
  • The Kraus Family Trophy for the Best Large Specimen - $65
  • MOS Trophy for the Best Miniature Specimen - $65  sponsored by Dina Deresh
  • MOS Trophy for Best Culture of Plants Grown in the Home - $65  sponsored by Daryl Yerdon
  • MOS Trophy for Best of the Artwork Classes - $65
  • MOS Trophy for Best Fantasy Orchid (Misc. Gen) - $65
  • DeRosa Award for Artistic Design - $100  sponsored by Brigitte Fortin, Architect
  • AOS Show Trophy - $75
  • Orchid Digest Trophy for Best Non-Commercial Display - $75

Please see the trophies still in need of sponsorship below!

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