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Massachusetts Orchid Society


Every year, the Massachusetts Orchid Society awards several physical awards at our Annual Show.
These include a number of categories, such as best specimen, best bloom, best miniature, and even best (or worst!) fragrance.

These awards are a really nice way to acknowledge the care that the winners put into growing these wonderful plants. Please consider sponsoring these awards, so we can continue to offer these wonderful and artistic prizes for our annual show. There are several types of orchids represented, so choose your favorite one!

Thanks for our 2023 trophy sponsors:

Wilford B. Neptune Trophy for Best Culture

Mike & Karen Badia


Cynthia Guy Memorial Trophy for Best Plant or Bloom

Steve Kirincich


Halbersleben Memorial Trophy for the Best Cattleya

Anne Pfaff


Esther Sweet Memorial Trophy for the Best Phalaenopsis

Lynn Hennessey


Louis Guida Memorial Trophy for Best Sunset/Artshade Phalaenopsis

In Memory of Edwin Kaplan


Paul B. Moore Memorial Trophy for Best Paphiopedilum

Jeff & Roberta Feldman


John E. Miller Trophy for the Best Odontoglossum

Miriam Gargarian


MOS Trophy for the Best Cymbidium

Anita Gokey


MOS Trophy for the Best Pleurothallid

Michel Perbost


Harry Kubick Memorial Trophy for the Best Dendrobium

Meg Bright-Ryan


The Kraus Family Trophy for the Best Large Specimen

Ben & Amanda Larson


MOS Trophy for Best Culture of Plants Grown in the Home

Ralph DiFonzo II


MOS Trophy for Best Fantasy Orchid (Misc. Gen)

Pandemonium Books & Games


DeRosa Award for Artistic Design

Brigitte Fortin, Architect


John E. Stacy Memorial Trophy for the Best Oncidium

Blair Todd

 AOS Show Trophy

Dina Deresh

 Richard Peterson Memorial Trophy for the Best Species

Linda Abrams

 Irving Versoy Trophy for the Best Vandaceous

Ron Maloney

Trophies still available for sponsorship:

Thanks for our 2023 trophy sponsors:

 MOS Trophy for Best of the Artwork Classes

Minerva Domingo

 MOS Trophy for the Best Miniature Specimen

George Baltoumas


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