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Massachusetts Orchid Society



At Coldbrooke Pottery, inspiration comes from traditional styles as well as age old methods.  All of our flowerpots are thrown on the wheel, one at a time.  Details such as handles, stamps or coggling add a decorative element and various colors of clay complement most any plant.

For the orchid aficionado, our pots are designed with ample drainage as well as aeration holes on the sides.  Pots are sized by the wet weight of the clay and stamped with that weight.  This practice originated in the potteries of Great Britain before the Industrial Revolution, when all plants were grown in hand made pots.  In addition to pots created for orchids, Coldbrooke Pottery makes pottery for an array of other types of plants.  

When you are at the show, stop by to see what we have on hand.  Your plants will look lovely in a pot from Coldbrooke Pottery!

For more information:

Coldbrooke Pottery
11 Preston Hill Rd,
New Ipswich NH 03071

Phone: 781-710-2725

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