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the orchidPhile

Carri Raven-Reimann

Owner, OrchidPhile

AOS Judge

Established in 1985, the orchidPhile specializes in cutting-edge Phalaenopsis breeding with a focus on the more unique, colorful and often fragrant compact growing waxy novelties and the amazingly floriferous multi-floral miniatures.  As a result of our annual trips to Taiwan, we are able to obtain many Phalaenopsis species and hybrids that would otherwise never be available in the US.

In addition to Phalaenopsis, we also carry the miniature varieties of many other genera, including Cattleyas, Dendrobiums and Vandaceous, which grow and flower easily under the same low light and warm temperature conditions as our Phalaenopsis.   

Although we don't maintain a retail business location at our nursery in CT, you can readily find us exhibiting and selling at many orchid shows and events in the Northeast.  We always send out an informative Pre-Order List (complete with pictures, descriptions and prices) prior to many of our shows so please contact us at if you’d like to be added to our e-mail list.

Also see additional information at

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