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Massachusetts Orchid Society


J&L Orchids is a nursery that began nearly 50 years ago in a quiet, Connecticut town. We specialize in miniature orchids that can be grown in the house and have a long history in the orchid-growing community around the world.

Our specialty areas are unusual species, miniatures, masdevallias, draculas and other pleurothallidinae. Although we sell predominately species, we were influential in starting the revival in masdevallia hybridizing in the early 1980's and continue to sell a variety of these colorful hybrids.

Thank you for your business, and we hope that we can help you see the value in adopting these challenging plants into your life as they reward you with some of the most impressive flowers and foliage that exist.


Use discount code MASSOS23 for 10% off on preorders. Order by 11/1 through website: , choose Pick up in person

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