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Massachusetts Orchid Society

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About Us

We are a small family run nursery that offers unusual, rare and exotic orchid species, many raised from seed. Beautifully-mounted epiphytes, and terrestrials in pots. Blooming size, well established orchid species are what we do best.


Established in 1990 based out of Encinitas, CA.

We are a family-owned nursery specializing in SPECIES orchids. We cultivate over 7,000 different species, and have an inventory of over 750,000 plants. We grow everything from traditional favorites to the rarest exotics

Andy has been growing orchids since the age of seven, and opened my nursery in 1990. His goal is to offer exceptionally well-grown, established plants and to provide customers with instructions for growing them successfully so they will thrive in your care.

ORCHIDS on a Stick!

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