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Meet Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies

Daryl Yerdon

Owner, Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies

In 1996 Daryl Yerdon joined the New Hampshire Orchid Society and purchased his first orchid at the annual show in Nashua, NH. 24 years later Daryl's orchid collection has grown from that first orchid to over 400 plants grown in a large greenhouse. In 2009 the New Hampshire Orchid Society awarded Daryl with the Sawyer Family Advanced Grower Trophy recognizing him as an expert grower for the NHOS. Daryl frequently displays his orchids at many local orchid society shows, where several of his plants have received a variety of awards from the American Orchid Society.

Kelley's Korner Orchid Supplies has been in business for over 25 years. In June of 2010 Kelley's Korner was purchased by Daryl and relocated to Milford, NH. Daryl is able to bring his expertise and experience growing orchids to Kelley's Korner and is happy to assist others with questions about orchid supplies and care.

Daryl grows a wide range of orchids in an 18' x 28' Arcadia greenhouse. Based on trial and error (translate to read: dead orchids) his collection has changed throughout the years. At this time the majority of plants are primarily species orchids but with a nice selection of favorite hybrids mixed in. The largest genus in his collection would be paphs and dendrobiums, but Daryl has become more interested in bulbophylums in recent years and has now devoted two entire tables to an increasing bulbophylum collection.

After 10+ years as owner Daryl has decided to retire the Kelley's Korner website at the end of this year. KKOS will continue to distribute Rand's Aircone Pots and sell to wholesale customer but will no longer sell to the general public. Although his website will soon be closing, Daryl plans to continue growing orchids, displaying them at orchid shows and becoming more active at the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Orchid Society meetings in the future.

For his presentation Daryl will provide a tour of his New Hampshire greenhouse. He will show us his orchids currently in bloom and others that might be of interest with a focus of what he does to have fun growing them. Daryl has a large collection of mounted plants and will show us a wide variety of mounting material that they are growing on. Daryl also has orchids growing in many styles of pots and potting materials. He will show us some of the pots that he uses and explain why he likes to grow them that way.

There are many tricks Daryl has learned throughout the years and during the tour he will provide tips for success with orchids. He can demonstrate how his plants are organized and explain why they are located in that area of the greenhouse. Have you ever heard of humidity trays in a greenhouse? He struggled with one type of orchid until he realized they do much better with a humidity tray underneath.

For the beginning growers Daryl will show us the media that he successfully uses to grow his orchids, and for the expert growers he hopes to offer some ideas that will inspire them to have fun while growing their plants.

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