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Massachusetts Orchid Society

MOS Speakers

MOS members are active speakers and can cover a wide variety of topics. Please reach out to to organize a talk for your orchid society, garden club, etc.

Potential Topics:

Orchids 101
This introductory talk discusses the fundamentals of growing orchids. Learn about the four basics of orchid culture: temperature, water, light, and fertilizer. Discover the different types of orchids and their varying cultural requirements. The talk also includes an overview of potting concepts.

Orchidarium Set-up and Culture
Growing orchids indoors? You can boost your humidity levels and decrease maintenance time by setting up an orchidarium. The talk covers tank selection, set-up, lighting, air movement and watering systems. Learn how easy it is to create an orchid spa right in your home.

Since orchids are a little different than other plants as most don't grow in a traditional potting mix, repotting can be a little intimidating at first. This talk breaks down potting media components and what they do in the mix. We can also pair this talk with a hands-on repotting workshop.

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