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Massachusetts Orchid Society


Growing an orchid is easier than you think! Here are some useful links on orchid culture, pests, and diseases. (Tip: for info on any hybrid, look up the species ancestors and refer to the AOS culture sheets).

American Orchid Society Culture Sheets -The most commonly referred-to species culture sheets in the US

Travaldo's Blog A detailed and extensive website for orchid plant care and culture

AOS Orchid Pests and Diseases - Diagnose and treat minor orchid ailments

St. Augustine Pests and Diseases - An extensive collection of articles

Home Remedies for Orchid Care - Published by First Rays

Dendrobium kingianum culture  - By Wilfred Neptune, past MOS member and prominent hybridizer of Dendrobium kingianum

How to identify, test for, and prevent the spread of CymMV and ORSV viruses:

Common Orchid Viruses: What they look like

Detecting Viruses

St. Augustine Guide to Virus Identification

Viruses in Cymbidiums

Subtle Signs of Viruses

Compostable Gloves

Getting to 100%: A 2-step method for orchid virus detection of repotting tools

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