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Meet Meagan Hanna

Meagan Hanna

Supervisor of Living Collections

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Passionate about the horticultural heritage of Montréal as well as the wealth of the Jardin botanique’s living collections, Meagan Hanna joined the team at the Garden in 2017 as Supervisor of living collections in the greenhouses. Working in ornamental horticulture since 2005, Meagan delivered a variety of greening projects when she managed different green spaces and urban forestry portfolios for the City of Montreal. Holder of a certificate in horticulture and green spaces management from Université Laval, Meagan is Quebec’s first ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture. Meagan is an avid heritage enthusiast and possesses a Master’s degree in Montreal political history from McGill University. When she’s away from the greenhouses or her perennial garden, she also volunteers as a guide for different community organizations in Montreal.

Montreal - An Unexpected Habitat for Malagasy Orchids

Exploring Marcel Lecoufle’s Gift to the Montreal Botanical Garden 

Meagan Hanna

When one thinks of Montreal, the Canadian island-city of ice storms and hockey, it is unlikely that one would think of the island nation and biodiversity hotspot of Madagascar. Nevertheless, this city is home to a remarkable collection of Malagasy orchids thanks to partnership between the Lecoufle family of Boissy-Saint-Léger, la Société des orchidophiles de Montréal and the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Since 1931, the Montreal Botanical Garden has served researchers and the general public to help connect humans to nature. This municipally owned, public institution works to awaken the community’s interest in plant life through education, research and conservation. Connected by this mission and united by a passion for plants, the Montreal Botanical Garden has collaborated with exceptional collectors and donors throughout its history. 

In 2011, Marcel Lecoufle (1913-2016), a pioneer of orchid propagation, corresponding member at the Museum national d’Histoire naturelle de Paris and an outstanding horticulturist, author and photographer, donated 250 orchid specimens representing 66 species and cultivars as well as a rare book collection to the Montreal Botanical Garden. This unique collection includes several species endemic to Madagascar, where their natural distribution is threatened by habitat destruction. Welcome to the world of ex-situ conservation!

In lieu of a trip to the Montreal Botanical Garden, we invite you to a virtual visit of our greenhouses, exploring the history and botanical significance of the Lecoufle Orchid Collection. We are excited to share some of our most fascinating specimens with you.

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